Most websites online/IDM only give sầu 720p link và I tried to retrieve sầu it from the source code but not working? Is it possible lớn extract a facebook video in higher unique than 720p?



Found this post while looking for how khổng lồ tải về 4k videos, so I'm just going lớn write how I downloaded one since the methods here didn't work & I figure someone might see this thread.

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Using chrome I pressed f12 and opened network console, filtered results by mp4, then pressed play & chose my unique, you'll get maybe 30+ urls, the first 10 or so were for 360p mặc định unique, then around the middle I saw some urls that started with 10000, those all corresponded with me clicking 4k. Open the direct url link, then remove sầu "&bytestart" và everything after from the url & the Clip will play in 4k, just hit download, you might have sầu to try this on 5 links or so because some were audio only or didn't work. This method hould work for 1080p too.

Thanks a lot!, going to lớn save sầu this và try it next time or on a trial video clip. Did it work for you with audio on 1080p/4k?

I must be really unlucky. I'm trying for several minutes và only get the audio or the Clip. Guess I'll have khổng lồ put it together with some software.

Thanks for the tip.

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I know this is a bit old, but the way you bởi vì it is go khổng lồ the permaliên kết, right cliông xã -> view source, CTRL+F "1080p", và copy the URL in between the "x3CBaseURL>" tags and put it in the address bar of your browser. HOWEVER, delete all instances of "amp;" you see in the URL. Then, press enter.

Hopefully this is useful!

Wow, that is the only thing that worked, I have sầu tried that before but did not know that I had lớn remove "amp;". Awesome, thanks man!

edit: spoke too soon, there's no sound, it doesn't download the audio it seems, this happened with another site that was downloading 1080p. Also when I try to lớn change the title under details it gives me an error.

maybe for fb too, you can use the -F comm& khổng lồ get avaiable formatsjust an idea sorry if this is false!

just tried it, still gives the "hd" download that most sites give which isn't even the proper 720p unique from original đoạn Clip. thanks though.

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