Are you searching for ways to download private Facebook videos? Look no further than the online đoạn phim downloaders on this menu.

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Want khổng lồ download a public video clip off Facebook? You have no shortage of options. There are dozens of sites & you can also download them straight from Facebook without any third-buổi tiệc ngọt tools. But how vị you download a private Facebook video?

Private Facebook videos are a different proposition. Because they are, well, private, so you cannot grab a copy of the video so quickly. That"s not to lớn say that it isn"t possible---there are just a few more steps you need to lớn work through before you can make the copy.

If you want to lớn know how lớn tải về private Facebook videos, keep reading. We"re going lớn introduce you khổng lồ some of the best tools for downloading private videos from Facebook with ease.

1. FBDown

tải về private facebook videos
Available on: Web

As you will soon discover, many of the sites we"re going to introduce you to in this article use exactly the same trichồng to tải về private Facebook videos. They almost always involve sầu grabbing a copy of the Facebook video"s source code và pasting it somewhere into lớn the tool.

Despite the growing competition, one web app has been at the front of the pachồng for a long time---FBDown.net.

The site has two separate tools. There"s one for downloading public Facebook videos and one for downloading private Facebook videos.

To use FBDown khổng lồ download private videos from Facebook, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Navigate lớn fbdown.net/private-downloader.php in your web browser. In a new tab, log inkhổng lồ Facebook & go to lớn the page of the video you want lớn download. If you"re using Windows, press Ctrl + U. If you"re using a Mac, press Comm& + Option + U. This shortcut will show you the website page"s source code. Copy the source code inlớn the box on FBDown.net. Clichồng Download.

(Note: You need to lớn visit the video"s quality URL. The process will not work if you copy the source code from your news feed, a protệp tin page, or any other Facebook page where you can see the đoạn phim.)

If you want khổng lồ avoid using a trang web to tải về private Facebook videos, you are in luchồng. FBDown has also made a Chrome website phầm mềm called Video Downloader PLUS. You can install it in your browser khổng lồ quickly grab videos as you see them.

Video Downloader PLUS is không tính tiền to lớn tải về và use. The tool still receives regular updates, so you can be confident it will not be a security threat to lớn your browser.

tải về private facebook videos fbdownloader
Available on: Web

If you don"t like using FBDown khổng lồ download private Facebook videos, there are a few other services on the web that are worth checking out.

FBDownloader, for example, offers the same functionality. Just copy và paste the đoạn phim page source code into the on-screen box và click on Download to let the tool bởi vì its thing.

When the processing is complete, right-cliông chồng on the video"s thumbnail, select Save As, & give the tệp tin a name.

You can also use FBDownloader to lớn download private Facebook videos on Smartphone.

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tải về private facebook vidsaver
Available on: Web

Another of the sites that let you tải về private Facebook videos is Vidsaver.

Once again, the same process applies. Grab the video"s source code by press Ctrl + U on Windows or Command + Option + U on a Mac. Paste the code into the web ứng dụng & hit Fetch.

Vidsaver also offers a tool for downloading public Facebook videos. If needed, you can cliông chồng on Public Video at the bottom of the page to lớn jump inlớn the other interface.

Screenshot of FB Private Videos Downloader Online
Available on: Web

This is a different site that works on the same principle. Copy & paste the page"s code và press Download.

Other tools on oDownloader let you grab content from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, và more. The site also offers some basic video clip conversion tools.

Like all the other web apps on this danh mục, you can use the tool to lớn download private Facebook videos on your smartphone as well.

Available on: Web

Realistically, all these apps vày the same thing. You"ll only need to get this far down the menu if something unexpected happens.

PasteDownload performs the same task. It offers yet another simple way to tải về private Facebook videos by copying và pasting the video"s source code.

Available on: Web

Getfvid provides two tools. One for downloading public Facebook videos, và one for downloading private Facebook videos.

The download process remains identical. Grab the code, paste it in, và enjoy the video clip offline again. But before thinking of sharing it again, vị follow the points below.

Download Private Facebook Videos Ethically

If you use one of these tools to tải về private Facebook videos, please vị so in an ethical way. Rethành viên, if a person has made a video private, it"s probably for a good reason. It might contain personal data, sensitive sầu information, or other compromising footage.

You should not distribute another person"s private material in a public diễn đàn without their permission. In the case of artists, musicians, & other creative sầu professionals, doing so could even l& you in trouble with the law.

Learn More About Downloading Facebook Videos

So, what"s the takeaway? It"s simple to lớn download private Facebook videos. Sure, the process isn"t quite as simple as downloading public videos. But once you"ve sầu done it a couple of times, you can go through lots of videos in rapid-fire.

If you would like to lớn learn more about how to find videos on Facebook, make sure you read our other article about how lớn find Facebook videos that are worth watching. We have sầu also rounded up some of the best tools for downloading other online videos. Check it out if you"d lượt thích more information.

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