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Once a poor fanner had a daughter named Little Pea. After his wife died, the farmer married again. His new wife had a daughter. Stout Nut. Unfortunately, the new wife was very cruel to Little Pea. Little Pea had to do chores all day. This made Little Pea’s father very upset. He soon died of a broken heart.

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Summer came and went. In the fall, the village held its harvest festival. That year, everyone was excited as the prince wanted to choose his wife from the village. Stout Nut’s mother made new clothes for her, but poor Little Pea had none.

However, before the festival started, a fairy appeared and magically changed Little Pea’s rags into beautiful clothes.

As Little Pea ran to the festival, she dropped one of her shoes and lost it.

When the prince found the shoe, he decided to marry the gữl who owned

it. Of course the shoe fitted Little Pea. and the prince immediately fell in love with her.


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Truyện ăn khế trả vàngOnce upon a time, there were two brothers who died early. When my brother married, he did not want to live with me again, so decided to divide the fortune. The greedy family occupied the house, the garden, the cows and buffalos of the parents, leaving only a small hut and a garden, including a sweet potato. The children do not complain, day care for the trees and plowing rent, hoe feeding.In that year, the tree in the garden of his sister suddenly strange results, branches are all fruit, sweet fruit, yellow hair. He looked at the tree that heart warmly embrace the idea of ​​selling the money for rice.One day, there was a bird from Phoenix flying to eat slaughtering. Seeing that, the younger man put on a bird stalk and said. "Hey birds! I only have one car, and I have been hard to care to pick fruit. Now if the birds eat all I have nothing to sell to buy rice. So if the bird wants to eat bring something worthwhile.Birds just eat and reply: "Eat a fruit, return the gold bag to three bags, carry that." The children heard birds say so, also for birds to eat. A few days later, birds came to eat. Eat bird finished to tell his brother to get three bags of gold to get. The younger brother ran into the house and took a bag of three cast iron ready to climb on the back of the bird.Birds fly forever, flying through the high mountains, across the vast ocean and landed on an island full of gold, jewelry. My brother went all over the island watching the delight and took the gold bag filled with three gangs. The Phoenix asked for more, the brother did not take. Finished, the brother climbed up his bird back home.An investigation wine manga slotFrom then on, the younger brother became rich, his younger brother brought rice, rice, gold and silver to help the poor. He heard that he was rich and went to play and demanded to change his house, his garden with a sweet carp, his brother also agreed to exchange for him. So he moved to his sister. Next year, the tree again wrongly bear fruit, birds Phoenix came to eat. He pretended to weep, the bird said: "Eat a fruit, return the gold bag in three bags, carry it."He was so happy, urged his wife to bag not 3 cast iron but 12 cast iron to hold more gold. The next day the Phoenix bird took his brother to collect gold. Just arrived, his brother rushed gold grabbed in the bag, also added more gold put in person. Birds try to fly, but the road is far away, so gold is too heavy. Several times the bird told his brother to throw away the light gold but his brother insisted on holding the bag. The Phoenix bird exasperated, and he threw his cock into the sea.

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FriendshipAfter a trip to an outskirt of London, Adela comes back home and cannot find Mickey.She is so anxious.She tries to find him.She goes around her house, seeking for him but there is no clueShe asks her friend Kicky for help."Kicky, help me find Mickey, please, please."Although Kicky is sick, she agrees to help Adela without hesitation"Don’t worry, my friend. I will help you."She flies off her nest to the forest, where many animals live.She sees someone like Mickey.She raises her voice loudly. "Hello, what’s your name?""My name’s Tom." A cat replied.Kicky keeps flying on.She meets another animal.She asks: "What’s your name, please?""My name’s Jerry." A mouse answers."It’s getting darker, I must go faster!" Kicky thinks.Suddenly, she sees a shadow.She asks: "Hey, what’s your name?""My name is Mickey.""Oh. Are you Mickey? Oh, Mickey, I found you."Kicky shouts out happily.Mickey and Kicky come back together in Adela’s great welcome. From then, they become close friends.

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Once upon a time there was a little mother duck. She was excited. Her five eggs were finally going to hatch. She watched and counted as one by one the eggs hatched. "One duckling, two ducklings, three, four, five ducklings", she said happily. Suddenly she noticed that there was one more egg. It was bigger and whiter than the rest. "This cannot be my egg", she thought. Slowly the big egg began to crack and the strange looking duckling came up. Mother duck was surprised. The younger duckling was great and bigger than the rest. "How ugly the little one is", she thought. As the day went by, the ducklings began to grow, but the younger duckling looked different from the rest. Everybody looked at him and said, "There goes the ugly duckling". His brothers, sisters teased him all the time. The ugly duckling felt very bad. Whenever people laughed at him, he used to run away and hide behind the reeds near the lake. "Nobody loves me", he thought. One day, the duckling decided to run away from home. He swam and swam, and on his way he had many adventures.