Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key Free

This tutorial teaches youhow to activate Microsoft Office 2016 without product keyon PC. If you have sầu an Office 365 paid subscription to lớn you don’t need to lớn activate Office, you can sign in with your Microsoft account in order to lớn use Office 365. If you bought a retail version of Microsoft Office, you’ll need the 25-digit product key included in the package that Microsoft Office package come in. You can activate Office with a product key in any of the Office apps or by using the Office trang web. If you have sầu downloaded Microsoft Office 2016 from the website but don’t know how lớn activate office without any product key or activator.

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Free Activation Method of Microsoft Office năm 2016 without any Software

Supported Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft Office Standard 2016

-Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Step 1: Copy the code inlớn a new text document.

Create A New Text Document

Step 2: Paste the code into the text tệp tin. Then save it as a batch tệp tin (named “1click.cmd”).
Step 3: Run the batch file as administrator.
Please Wait…
Product Activated!
Chechồng the activation status again.

How lớn Activate Microsoft Office for Mac

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how toactivateMicrosoft Office for Mac.

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Steps to Activate Office for Mac

Before you can activate Office on your Mac, you need to be sure that you haveredeemedand installed theOffice software. If you have already done this you are already one step ahead. You can simply click on the“Launchpad” ibé that is down in yourDockkhổng lồ show all your apps.Click on anyOffice app(MicrosoftWord, Excel, etc.) to start the activation process. You may have sầu to scroll down a bit to find one of these apps.Once you have sầu done this, the “What’s New” window will pop open. You can then cliông chồng “Get Started” và proceed to lớn the sign in.Enter youremail addressthat is associated with your Office for Mac account then click on “Next”.You will then be prompted lớn enter thepasswordthat is associated with the gmail address you entered in the previous step. Then cliông chồng “Sign in”.The system will check if you have avalid license, then it will activate your product.Once your product has been activated, you’re done! You can click “Start Using” lớn begin using the ứng dụng you have sầu opened.


Concerning Step 3:If you see no“What’s New” box, you may need to activate your Office for Mac from within the phầm mềm itself.

Concerning Step 4:The gmail entered may be used for yourMicrosoft Accountor yourOffice for Businesstrương mục assigned by your employer or school.

Concerning Step 5:This “enter password”screen can vary depending on the gmail provider.

Concerning Step 6:If you havemultiple licenses, you will want to be sure that you follow the steps in the section titled“Activate with multiple licenses” which can be foundhere.

Concerning Step 7:Once you have activated Office for Mac, you can add your Office apps khổng lồ your dochồng foreasy accessvà startup.