Manchester United will kick off their 2012-13 UEFA Champions League chiến dịch Wednesday evening when they take on Turkish club Galatasaray.

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The Premier League giants will be looking for a better performance from their European campaign than last year, when they were sensationally dumped from the competition in the group stages—failing to lớn qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament.

The home side will welcome baông chồng a number of key players, so read on khổng lồ find all the last-minute team news & details for this Champions League fixture.

Having rested both Shinji Kagawa and Robin van Persie from their starting side on the weekover, Sir Alex Ferguson looks set to lớn bring both internationals bachồng into lớn the fray, stating that the experience and talent they bring lớn the European competition is invaluable to the Red Devils (per Đài truyền hình BBC Sport).

"Robin has the experience of playing in Europe with Arsenal. ... Shinji is the type of player who will thrive in Europe, where possession is key."

Both summer signings have been superb so far this year, but each picked up injuries while away on international duty last week. Ferguson"s decision lớn rest the pair against Wigan Athletic showed exactly how focused và determined he is lớn perkhung well in the Champions League this time around.

Winger Antonio Valencia will make his way baông chồng inkhổng lồ the team on the right flank—pushing Nani to lớn the left flank, although Sir Alex Ferguson does have a couple of options he could use. Ryan Giggs, Anderson và potentially even young left-baông xã Alexander Buttner could all feature down the left if required.

BBC Sport also speculates that Darren Fletcher could be a potential inclusion by the veteran manager, after the midfielder played a full 90 minutes for the reserves và took part in training this week. Fletcher has not played since November 2011 due khổng lồ a bowel condition.


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United are also presented with a problem (the good kind) at left-bachồng, with French international Patrice Evra likely khổng lồ be healthy and available for selection. (The Daily Mirror)

The 31-year-old did not feature against the Lactics last weekend & his replacement—summer signing Buttner—had a superb debut game for the Red Devils, picking up a goal and an assist và shutting down everything that came his way in defense.

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Anders Lindergaard and David de Gea seemed locked in battle again for the starting position in goal for United after the Spanish international was dropped for Lindergaard, who was svào for the Red Devils last week.

Ferguson told Sky Sports (h/t Goal) that he was comfortable rotating the two throughout the season & that nothing should be read into lớn hyên ổn choosing one over the other—it"s just the way he will use the pair this year.

That"s the policy we"ve sầu adopted this season and last season, although De Gea played most of last season after Lindegaard was injured. I"m comfortable with this situation. 

Alternating isn"t a problem for me. They"re both equally very good goalkeepers. The most important thing I"m trying to bởi is give sầu both of them experience in the English game—neither is as experienced as Edwin van der Sar or Peter Schmeichel.

Potential Starting XI

With that all in mind, let"s try và put together a potential starting side we could see from Manchester United against Galatasaray in the Champions League.

I"m going with Lindergaard in goal, as the Dane is yet to concede a goal for the club at Old Trafford (according khổng lồ Goal). He was solid against Wigan, & should vày enough to keep the Turkish giants at bay in this one.

Evra will reclayên ổn his place in the bachồng four, with Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic and Rafael lớn also feature in the Red Devils" bachồng line.

I think Tom Cleverley & Michael Carriông chồng start, though the former of the pair is likely khổng lồ be a second-half substitution for Darren Fletcher, depending on how the match is going. Nani, Kagawa & Valencia will round out United"s midfield.