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Tầng 17, Tòa nhà Mplaza Saigon, 39 Lê Duẩn, P.Bến Ngạnh, Q1, TPHCM

1. Introduction

Yotruyền thông, founded in 2013, is considered one of the fasthử nghiệm growing and comprehensive sale agencies khổng lồ provide online kinh doanh solutions. Yotruyền thông media Joint Stock Company is a leading Media Company in the field of Digital Marketing throughout the country. Yotruyền thông media is one of the pioneering companies in the online advertising industry in Southeast Asia by deploying integrated digital marketing platkhung. Yomedia"s mission is to build professional relationships with customers lớn provide effective sầu and reliable online marketing solutions for their advertising needs.

Yotruyền thông has working teams with the necessary skills và specialization not only in digital kinh doanh but also in the industries that the team has project accomplished. The accumulated experience has helped us khổng lồ have a unique position to lớn provide solutions for better và broader marketing effects, especially to increase productivity as well as cost reduction of advertising for each customer that we served, regardless of the industry in which the customer is operating.

2. Integrated Digital Marketing

We specialize in providing results by applying integrated digital kinh doanh solutions. We provide value by providing information-based and research-based online kinh doanh strategies. Yomedia is well-known for our reputation with many talent & creative experts to lớn provide our partners with a sophisticated data-based approach for sale và online advertising. Moreover, we implemented innovative sầu, effective digital marketing, advertising và public relations programs, all working together khổng lồ help customers achieve sầu their goals and bring in revenue from their marketing investment. We have sầu achieved success for our customers by integrating many services together, making each component of their sale campaign more powerful & effective sầu.

2.1. Programmatic

Yotruyền thông provides programmatic buying platkhung with the clear process of buying digital truyền thông media in an automated fashion, using công nghệ to buy ad impressions in real-time lớn reach a very specific consumer on the right screen at the right time. Yomedia"s Programmatic Ads makes it easy for businesses lớn access Vietnam"s largest inventory on one management platform. The partner’s business now can reduce the kinh doanh campaign costs & improve the ROI for the business.

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2.2. DMP

DMP.. is an extensive solution that is necessary for brands’ kinh doanh activities in order lớn meet the goal of learning, understanding and comprehending data, turning it into lớn sales conversion rate. Yotruyền thông provides DMP.. as crucial solution for online kinh doanh campaigns with abilities to gather all valuable audience data throughout multiple devices. DMP gains audience insights inlớn kinh doanh operations for maximizing revenue by using Big data. Moreover, it supports client in addressing campaign commitments. DMP.. is essential for br& in the action of navigate target audience based on intensive sầu combination of first-các buổi tiệc nhỏ and third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ audience data. It lends us a hand in determining specific goals of campaigns and push them to the their best performance in their own segments.

2.3. Creative, KOLs, Contents

Yotruyền thông media also offer the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) service to promote brands’ image. KOLs method bring an optimal approach for effectively communicating brvà & strongly spreading brand awareness to its consumers. KOLs can be considered as one opportunity for brvà on the patch of identifying its potential consumers. We examine your market segment & positioning khổng lồ offer the best strategy for your chiến dịch. We propose right KOLs in a danh sách of multi-career field for brand.

Besides, we provide the services of nội dung creatives that will give the spread of brand khổng lồ the public. This action of chiến dịch is an element lớn boost the public interest và excitement of products/services of brands. Along with the booming of Social Media, Content Creatives plays an important role in marketing strategies, which make campaign’s image viral khổng lồ social networks.

2.4. Biddable/Social

Yotruyền thông media provides optimal solutions for social networking advertisements & other biddable media. We help khổng lồ grow clients’ business by providing variety of ad formats khổng lồ reach precise audience within the target consumers. We propose new ideas with contents that result in marketing ideas of brand.

3. Clients

Currently in Vietphái mạnh market, companies and businesses increasingly invest in terms of image và brand. In order khổng lồ address those needs with professional solutions, Yotruyền thông media has participated in hundreds of projects và campaigns in a variety of fields và industries, typically including brand: Romano, Enchanteur, Ford, Techcomngân hàng, Massan Bitis, Minh Long, etc.